About Boxcar, eNVy

russell aaron runs the graffiti blog

I started Boxcar, eNVy – out of my love for graffiti and blogs. Always have had this fascination with Street Art and interesting works. In 2013 I started getting serious about photography. Every week I would find a new spot with a TAG or #throwup to work on my skills and presentation. That’s when I started noticing all the art around me and therefore, I started my own graffiti blog.

I speak at tech conferences called WordCamp. So each camp I visit, I take a little detour and visit a local graffiti and street art spots. Some of my favorite places are Detroit, San Francisco, and Reno. After that, I started heading to local train yards and capturing the art in a real way. However, train yards are not art galleries.

Starting a Graffiti Blog

Fast forward to 2018. I was hired at the Plaza Hotel & Casino. A hotel and casino located in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The hotel has three large Murals visible on the outside of the property. So now I drive to work every day and park in the employee parking lot. Which is next to three train tracks and the Smith Center. I started taking pictures of every artwork I passed by. After collecting more than 200 in my first month, I opened up an account on Instagram. In addition, I decided to turn this into a Las Vegas graffiti blog. In addition, I’ll be including street art.

What I love the most about graffiti is how rare it can be. Most of the world’s graffiti lives in picture form. Most works are taken down, removed or painted over. The only proof of existence is a photograph. That’s where I come in. I use my Google Pixel 2 XL to take amazing shots. Mostly using the Portrait mode to really focus on the center of each art piece. There’s not a better smartphone camera on the market. In conclusion, do what you’re passionate about. We love WordPress and Graffiti. Why not marry the two together and have a powerful graffiti blog about street art. Just Do It!